SNIB Drone Services


Inspections without the need for a scaffold
Roof, gutter, chimney and valley
Skyscraper, windmill and water tower
Infrastructure, bridge, railway and utilities
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Over water or inaccessible areas
Surveys and assessments
Search and rescue
Livestock count
Boundary check
Construction site progress
Stockpile measurement
Perimeter security
Eye-in-the-Sky Security
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Leisure & Festivities
Sport Active track options
Social media
Hyperlapse and panorama
That special day out
Weddings if my arms twisted, twice ;)
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Altitude Images and Video
Real Estate
Vehicle promotion
Display teams
National parks
Local Council services
Funding events
Historic buildings
Monuments and landmarks
Villages, towns and city's
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UK Legal Stuff / Restraints

Max flying height above the ground will be 120 meters

A thorough risk assessment will be conducted

Allow for airfield vicinity restrictions of a strict 5 mile radius
(Permission within is possible from the Air Traffic Control Unit)

Given your postcode and requirements I will be able to figure whether the task
requested falls within the legal framework, either way there will be no charge
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Cost / Charges (No VAT)

£40 for the Risk Assessment
(This will be carried out on the day and onsite)

£55 per hour thereafter
The minimum charge will be £95
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Processing the outcome

Will be free on accepting the JPG Images or MP4 Video as is
straight out of the drone, this will be supplied on a USB stick.

For data manipulation there will be a charge depending on the outcome
required, budget £25 per hour for Photoshop Work and/or Video Editing
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SNIB Drones

The UK drone laws are constantly changing and from 1 January 2023 all new drones
will have to meet a brand new set of product standards based on the weight of the
drone therefore it seems pointless to me flying soon-to-be obsolete 8KG drones so
now only work a specific quadcopter <2KG which in my opinion not only has the
best features for this drone class but enables greater scope given today's regulations

Premium 1″ CMOS sensor
20 MP images (JPG and RAW @ 3:2 or 16:9)

Video 5.4K(AKA 8K)/30fps, 4K/60fps, 2.7k/60fps, 1080p/120fps
(options include 10-bit D-Log and 10-bit HLG capture)

Minimum flying time is 4 hours without charging

Max speed is 43 mph and operational in 25 mph winds

Transmission range: 12 miles

The sub 250g drone has less legal limitations if needs must

12 MP Images (JPG and RAW @ 4:3 or 16:9)

Video 4k/30fps, 2.7k/60fps, 1080p/60fps

Minimum flying time is 1hr 30mins without charging

Max speed is 36 mph and operational in 24 mph winds

Transmission range: 6 miles
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SNIB Drone Services...

Phone, Text or Whatsapp via my number (top of this page)
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